What is a Fee-Only Financial Plan?

A Fee-Only Financial Plan, or Fee For Service Financial Plan, is an all-encompassing review of you and your family’s personal finances.  Through the Novel Process, we work to understand your goals and objectives and try to determine whether or not your current situation/the status quo will allow you to achieve those goals. 

This begins with a review of your budget/cash flow, debts and investments.  The next phase is determining how prepared you are for the unexpected: illness, the death of you or your spouse, loss of employment.  And the final phase is an estate review to ensure that you are leaving your accumulated wealth to your loved ones in an appropriate manner.

If your current situation will not allow you to achieve your goals, we will make recommendations for the required adjustments to help you get there.  The plan comes with clear action items and timelines for you to put the plan into action.

Since all of our services are fully customizable, we do not provide a one-size-fits-all service.  During a free, no-obligation consultation we will determine how we might be able to best work together.