Achieve The Fee-Only Financial Planning Advantage



Novel Financial’s fee-only financial planning process begins with a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to determine what you are hoping to achieve through working together. 

Our Commitment To You

Novel is committed to only working with clients where it makes sense for both parties.  What this means is that if Novel doesn’t think that you will be better off following the receipt of your Novel fee-only financial plan, then we will advise you of that before we start to work together.  We are committed to only working with clients that we can truly help.  We are confident that our approach and process can help almost everyone.  However, in the rare case where it wouldn’t make financial sense for you, we are committed to pointing you down the right path in a manner that would be beneficial to you.

Novel believes that the process of a good fee-only financial plan has four main components:


  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • Assess your current situation and how it aligns to your goals and objectives
  • Personal finance and investment comfort level
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • The Understanding phase of the fee-only financial plan begins during your free consultation.


  • Developing a plan to help you reach your goals and objectives
  • Focus on minimizing expenses
  • Tax efficiency
  • Educate you on your options


  • Clear and easy to follow action plans
  • Next steps and timelines

Monitor and Adjust

  • Have there been recent life changes? (i.e. newborn on the way, career change, etc.)
  • Unexpected large expenses?
  • Goals and objectives still accurate?
  • Adjust the plan and realign to goals and objectives

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