Your Best Interests Are Our Best Interests.

Novel Financial operates in a fiduciary manner.  As a result, the advice that is provided is done so with our clients’ best interests in mind at all times.

As part of the Fee-Only Financial Planning process, we are required to make recommendations for certain services, products, insurance brokers, lawyers and accountants, among other items.

As a result of making recommendations, we are able to participate in affiliate programs with certain vendors.  Via these programs, Novel is compensated for the referral to the vendors.

Novel will not recommend any products, services or professionals whom they do not believe will act in your best interests.  Novel makes their product or vendor recommendation decisions prior to entering into any affiliate agreements.

Since we only provide advice, which vendors or products you choose is ultimately your decision.  We support you in whatever decision you ultimately make.

Affiliate agreements:

  • Questrade
    • Selecting a discount brokerage is a critical component of the Novel Financial approach.  Our recommendation of Questrade is because we believe that the balance of services offered/cost of services provides the best benefit to our clients.
    • For each client referred to Questrade, Novel will receive a one-time referral fee upon account opening.  There are no ongoing benefits to Novel if our clients remain a customer with Questrade.
    • Each client using our referral to open a self-directed account will receive $50 of free trades for their rebalancing activities (or active trading if they choose to do so) by using the discount code ‘uajekubi’. This offer is subject to change at any time.
    • Each client using our referral to open a Questwealth managed portfolio account will receive their first year managed for free by using the discount code ‘uajekubi’.  This offer is subject to change at any time.
    • Related: Account opening guide
  • Willful
    • Having a will in place is one of the most important parts of your financial well being.
    • Willful provides an online will generation service at a reasonable price, with unlimited updates after finalization.  Most individuals could benefit from the simple approach that Willful utilizes.
    • For each client referred to Willful, Novel will receive a one-time 20% commission.
    • We have secured a 10% discount for our customers that we refer using the offer code ‘Novel10’

If at any time, we become aware of a preferred option to any of our current affiliate partners, we will cease to recommend them.  At all times, if the product or vendor is not in our clients’ best interests, we will not recommend them to our clients.