Your best interests are our best interests. 

That’s Novel. 


Novel Financial’s mission is to provide access to high-quality personal finance expertise at a reasonable, transparent cost for everyone.  Lowering fees and expenses will allow Canadians to reach their financial goals faster, via a fee-only financial plan.


Novel Financial envisions a world where everyone understands their options with respect to their financial well-being.  Through their fee-only financial planner, they will be supported in a fiduciary manner that is free from conflicts of interest.

Building Blocks

Life has many important aspects: Family, Health, Peace of Mind, Finances.  Novel views these as the building blocks of life.

Your finances shouldn’t be your primary focus in life.  You have lots to worry about in your day-to-day.  Let a fee-only financial planner help you take control of your finances so that you can achieve all of your life goals, not solely your financial ones.

Investing Philosophy

Contrary to what many financial advisors may tell you, active management is not a winning strategy.  To back up this statement feel free to read more about it here, or here, or here, or even here.

The only two guarantees that you have when it comes to investing are

  1. Diversification reduces risk over the long term.
  2. Low-cost indexing mimics the market over the long term.

Novel will not claim to have the hottest stock picks, nor promise you unrealistic returns.  Fee-for-service financial plans will set you up for long-term success through low-cost options that will mimic the market over time.  When it comes to investing, it pays to be average and cheap


Eric Vallee holding a coffee mug in a kitchen

Eric Vallee is a CPA, CA, QAFP and founded Novel Financial out of his passion for personal finance.


He joined one of his newly retired parents in a meeting with their financial advisor, and they quickly realized how expensive this advisor was.  The cost was exorbitant relative to the service received by his parent, and he knew that they surely were not the only person unknowingly in this scenario.

Novel was born out of the lack of transparency and poor value added for clients rampant in the financial advisory world.

Connect with Eric via email at [email protected]

Our Toronto based fee-only financial planning firm is interested in working with Canadians all across the country to ensure that they can reach their goals, both financial and beyond.

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